Free to Speak Pamphlet- 50 ct.

Type: Handouts
Price: $8.50


You can promote greater clarity and freedom for students by distributing this powerful, pocket-sized pamphlet. There are 50 pamphlets in a packet. 

Using quotes directly from the May 15, 2023 revised U.S. Department of Education Guidance, the pamphlet clarifies for parents, students, and educators the freedoms of religious expression on a public school campus. 

Note: When determining "quantity" remember that pamphlets come bundled in sets of 50. Therefore, when ordering a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 set of 50 pamphlets. A quantity of 2 = 100 pamphlets, 3 = 150 pamphlets, etc. 


Click HERE for information on our National Free to Speak Campaign.


BONUS: An attorney will send an informative letter to school officials for you.

With each order, as part of our Free to Speak campaign, the Alliance Defending Freedom has donated its time by offering to send a personalized, six-page letter to the school officials of your choice. It further clarifies students' and teachers' religious liberties citing Supreme Court cases. You can provide one name and address for each packet you order. Please email and include the following information:


Your Name
Phone Number
(Your personal information will not be
shared or mentioned in the letter.)
     ADF Letter Information:     
Job Title
Prefix (Dr., Mr., Ms.)
Educator's Full Name
Name of Institution
(School or District Office)
Complete Address




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